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View Internet Latency Chart PNG. What is for example the lowest latencies achieved between denmark and india. Latency is often referred to using different terms, including ping, ping rate, and lag.

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The closer your latency is to zero, the better. Latency is measured in milliseconds. It doesn't matter if i have a 17mbps connection in korea (which i have had the pleasure of experiencing there), if everything is 1000ms or more of latency away it will still be a poor user experience.

Though often used interchangeably with ping, latency is the measure of time between a request and a result.

Average 4g and 3g network latency by provider in the united states in 2019 (in milliseconds)*. chart. Network latency, internet latency, audio latency, wan latency, etc. While that's a fairly good latency even for heavy gaming, it doesn't come close to starlink. The monthly latency statistics are derived from averaging the collected samples for the month.

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