Download Internet P O Cruises Pictures

Download Internet P O Cruises Pictures. Internet is available on all p&o cruises ships at our onboard internet stations (charges apply). Once on board, you will be able to connect to the ships internet on wireless enabled devices such as your mobile phone/tablet and laptop.

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Each p&o cruises ship will have many different bars and restaurants onboard, and each venue will have different drinks available. P&o cruises provides internet at designated hot spots. You can access the p&o website free for what it's worth.

On norwegian cruise line short trips, prepaid bundles include $24 (£14.20) for one hour.

However it is extremely slow (remember dial up?) and can frequently drop out. The customer service from p&o is chronic with reference to wifi on board. Bundles are available ranging from £10.50 for 30 minutes to £62.50 for 250 minutes of online time. It worked from all the cabins i have been in and various parts of the ship.

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