47+ X Internet Slang Gif

47+ X Internet Slang Gif. Search for x in online dictionary encyclopedia Por favor can be written as xfa, and porque is xq.

INTERNET Slang: 100+ Popular Texting Abbreviations in ...
INTERNET Slang: 100+ Popular Texting Abbreviations in … from i.pinimg.com

Internet has its own language with its slang words and abbreviations. Internet slang is used in chat rooms, social networking services, online games, video games and in the online community. Search through military acronyms, business, common, medicine, organisations abbreviations.

Internet slang is slang words which are used on the internet.most of these words are new, such as wiki and blog, which were not used before the internet became popular.

Ever wondered what x.x means? These different kinds of language can be either known as chatspeak, sms speak or im language. These are acronyms that i can use in pm. Though i'm not a social media person this somehow overcome my fomo.

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