Get Smart Internet Rules Background

Get Smart Internet Rules Background. Now you've learnt about the smart rules, why not try one of these next? Make the internet a better place by helping your friends if they are worried or upset by anything that happens online.

SMART ESafety Rules Posters | Teaching Ideas
SMART ESafety Rules Posters | Teaching Ideas from

How old do i have to be to have my own account on facebook? Open the main program window of your eset windows product. Press the f5 key on your keyboard to access advanced setup.

Set a strong password for the smartphone, and don't share it with anyone but your parents.

They are sick of the rules. Educators' approach to internet safety in the classroom has changed as technology and our use of it continues to evolve. In the past, digital citizenship lessons on internet safety focused more on dos and don'ts, like do create safe passwords and don't talk to strangers online.while secure passwords are certainly important for technology users of all ages, and stranger danger is nothing to. When people are on social networks (facebook, myspace, etc.), they often don't realize when they're sharing too much information.

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