Get Characteristics Of Intranet Vs Internet Pics

Get Characteristics Of Intranet Vs Internet Pics. Intranet is the type of internet which is used by privately. In intranet, there are limited number of users and it provides limited number of information to its users.

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An extended intranet whereby external personnel are also able to connect to an intranet. Internet is not as safe as intranet. The internet is a public network, while intranet is a private network.

Each type of network has its own characteristics which provide desired level of service to the audience.

The term is used in contrast to internet,a network between organizations, and instead refers to a network within an organization. The intranet runs over a local area network (lan). Internet provides a wider and better access to websites to a large population, whereas intranet is restricted. The organisation's hr and cio manage an intranet network so that valid users can access the network.

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