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View Internet Recovery Macos PNG. In some rare situations, reinstalling os x on a mac may be required. 3 steps to recover files/photos/video now.

How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra back to macOS ...
How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra back to macOS … from

If your computer was released in 2010 or 2011, you may need to update to the latest version of macos to enable internet recovery. The internet recovery method is useful if you wish to downgrade the operating system. Mac internet recovery stuck at 24 hours in any of the feasible mac internet recovery not working situations, you need to force shutdown your mac.

Moreover, modern macs can boot directly from an internet connection without relying on the recovery partition.

Nếu phân vùng recovery trên máy bị hỏng, internet recovery cũng không vào được, bạn vẫn có thể khởi động máy bằng ổ cứng gắn ngoài chứa macos. Without experiments, though, it's hard to know which situation you face. It's also seldom popular to just wait a day, since you likely had a reason to recover your mac, but many problems do sort themselves out when it is server side and your process is correct. This is made fairly easy as all modern macs include the os x internet recovery feature, which lets you reinstall os x through a netboot type of mode that is accessed from the internet rather than a local drive.

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