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Download Satellite Internet Latency PNG. While that's a fairly good latency even for heavy gaming, it doesn't come close to starlink's. Spacex included the data in a.

Gaming and Satellite Internet - How Are They Connected ...
Gaming and Satellite Internet – How Are They Connected … from

Latency is caused by several factors including the number of times the data is handled along the transmission path (by routers or servers for example). When loading a web page, for example, most satellite users observe a noticeable delay from the time they enter the address to the time the page begins loading. Satellite internet suffers from high latency, resulting in delays between connection points.

Latency time of a satellite vsat link is a crucial factor when choosing to use a satellite system, it can affect the performance of your network and some applications experience issues when the latency is too high, not to mention a poor user experience.

Latency by connection type 2,3. The thing you clicked on. You see, the two nbn™ satellites we have in australia are 36,000 kilometres above the earth. The latency of a satellite link generally forces network engineers to use less than favorable maximum transmission units, which in turn equates to poor link utilization.

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