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Download Internet Options Connections PNG. Find internet providers in your area. We've done the research to help you compare pricing, speeds, features and more from 30+ of the nation's best internet providers, all in one place.

How to Get Online With The PS3: Wireless Network Setup
How to Get Online With The PS3: Wireless Network Setup from

It takes different equipment to provide internet connectivity. Enter your zip code to find and compare local options. Based on the description provided, it looks like you are facing an issue while changing internet explorer proxy settings as you are not getting connection tab in internet options.

To set options for a particular connection:

From the taskbar, complete the following. Dsl internet dsl internet (digital subscriber line) is delivered through your phone line, making it a viable option for many rural customers. In internet explorer, open the tools menu, and then select internet options. Cable providers typically implement a cap to limit capacity and accommodate more customers.

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